Your Wordpress Sites Are Literally Leaking Information To Hackers...

The Easiest Way To Import, Export
& Deploy Sites... Done In 1 Click

No PHP Scripts, FTP, MySQL Logins... In Fact Nothing Techy

Popular WP Cloning And Migrating Tools Are Hard...

Once you've finished working on a site, you'll need to export it, then import it onto your hosting account.

There are a multitude of plugins around to help you with this, but they all make it really hard.

You'll have to figure out mysql logins, create databases, upload files, edit PHP...

Unless you're a server guru, you'll probably just have to pay someone to do it for you - it's that hard.

Worse Still.... Some Cost A Fortune

The most popular software available right now costs up to $40 PER SITE to use.

That's daylight robbery!

Even after spending all that money, you'll still be left with same messy configuration nightmare as before.

Even if you spend the exorbitant rates, you'll need a degree just to figure it out...

MYSQL Databases? FTP Uploads? PHP Scripts?

...Who's Got The Time To Mess With That?

Here's What You Get With The Pro Upgrade

1. Fastest & Easiest Site Migration Plugin

Super Simple Way To Move Sites To & From Easy WP Localhost

No more wasting time on complicated ill thought out cloning plugins that make you want to tear your hair out.
With Easy WP Localhost Pro, you'll get a pioneering new plugin which makes cloning and deploying sites to and from Easy WP Localhost childsplay.

It's as simple as pressing 1 button, downloading a file and importing that file to either Easy WP Localhost or to a live site.

No slow FTP uploads or nasty PHP scripts...

2. 1 Click Import Site Option In Easy WP Localhost

To make life ultra easy for pro users, we have added an import function that works in conjunction with the pro plugin.

It allows you to clone down any live Wordpress site in just 1 click.

No more messing around with FTP, no more messy PHP scripts...

Now even a 5 year old can clone and delpoy Wordpress sites.

3. Automated Silent WP Installer Updates

As Wordpress changes versions as often as we do our underpants, we've built in a unique feature that will automatically scan the Wordpress repository for new versions every day.

As you load the program it will silently look for any new versions that exist and download these for you silently, without any nags.

It will just happen.

4. Exclusive 1 Time Only - Get 2 Extra Licenses Free

For a limited period only, you'll also get an additional 2 Easy WP Localhost licenses.

So you can use the product on multiple devices or give it to your VA's.

On top of that, you'll get 3 pro licenses - it's like buying 1 upgrade and getting 2 extra ones free!

The Fastest Way To Deploy Sites To/From Localhost
+ Buy Now And Use On 2 Extra Devices Free

Save Heaps More Time & Headaches Over Conventional Plugins

  • Wordpress 1 Click Site Cloning Plugin
  • Easy Import Site Function on Localhost GUI
  • Uses backup files as site images
  • Shows Server File Upload Limits
  • Get Automated WP Version Udates
  • Easy To Install And Use
  • 2 Extra Easy WP Localhost Licenses Free

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