Easy WP Localhost Developer Pack

Get 2 Extra Tools That Will Save You
Heaps Of Time...

Never Do The Same Boring, Repeatitive Tasks Again

1. Install All Your Favorite Plugins & Themes In Seconds...

Just Tick The Boxes Besides Your Favourite Themes/Plugins & Hit Install

Since we found that we were constantly installing the same plugins and themes, wasting up to half an hour at a time for each site.

We've created a special addon for Easy WP Localhost which allows you to simply tick the boxes beside the plugins and themes you want to install and it does it for you.

2. Duplicate Any Easy WP Localhost Site In 1 Click

Save Hours By Duplicating "Template" Sites & Projects

Whenever we set up a new niche or client site, there are always a multitude of identical tasks that need to be done.

Configuring plugins & themes, creating default pages, configuring Wordpress itself, removing dummy content... it all takes time.

With the developer pack, you can do this once, then duplicate the site as many times as you like in 1 click.

This will massively speed up your site building, and your business.

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Save Hours Of Wasted Time With Automation

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