Watch Us Build Sites 3x Faster & Instantly "Undo" Costly WP Screw Ups

The Fastest & Easiest Way To Build WP Sites... Ever

We Will All Break A Live Site At Some Point...

Just 1 Mistake... 1 Faulty Theme/Plugin & Your Site is Dead

Almost every Wordpress user has broken at least one site

All it takes is one clashing plugin, one badly written theme/faulty update & your site is down... you're losing rankings & traffic fast. Building sites on a live server is risky and slow as pages need time to upload & thats is always subject to daily traffic fluctuations.

Building Content On A Live Server Is Slow...

Pages Often Load Slow & Updates Fail Through Internet Lag

Slow network speeds can waste hours

Ever tried building a website when everyone on the planet is surfing...high volume of traffic makes your page edits slow... In fact sometimes it's so slow that page updates time out & your updates are lost... you have no option but to start all over again. This is an incredibly frustrating & inefficient way to do business.

...And Everyone Sees All Your Mistakes

Everything You Do Is Immediately Visible For All

None of us are born web design experts. We make horrific mistakes when we first start out.

If we're developing sites on a live server, every single mistake is there for the world to see.

Any potential visitors, clients, etc.. will be instantly put off and never return.

The quality of what you produce is says a huge amount about you and your business.

Backing Up Before Each Change Is Not Practical...

It Can Take Hours For A Backup To Complete

To avoid downtime, the most sensible thing to do is to back up your site before each change.

After all, all it takes is one slip up and your site is toast.

Trying to back up on a live server before each edit is just impossible, as it takes forever to run a backup, and then you still need to wait for it to download...

Restoring is even worse! Most of the time you'll need to find someone to do it for you, as it's just too technical.

Most people don't bother with backups and just cross their fingers...

Pro's Solve These Problems Using Localhosts...

Professional designers solve these problems by working on a localhost...

This allows them to run Wordpress Sites a PC/MAC without any internet lag.

This massively cuts down on development time and no one ever sees the mistakes, half broken sites or other embarrassing errors.

Developing sites is a breeze when it's all fast, easy and problem free.

... But These Are Really Hard To Install And Use

No matter which localhost service you use, they all assume you're a battle tested systems administrator to get them running.

In fact, you'll have to...

  • Edit Apache config files
  • Edit PHP config files
  • Create mysql databases
  • Create mysql users
  • Activate custom PHP modules (eg. ioncube)
  • Edit PHP code

None of us are born software engineers...

It Takes 12 Technical Steps To Set Up Just One Site...

Why Do It The Hard Way?

Build Wordpress Sites Anywhere Fast...

Without Internet Lag, Without Breaking Sites or Ongoing Costs

New Super Fast Installation & 1 Click Site Setup

No Learning Curve, No Tech Stuff

Mac OSX - 72 seconds


Windows - 52 seconds


Traditionally installation of localhost software is complex & requires many steps. With Easy WP Localhost just double click the installer EXE(PC) or drag over the DMG file (MAC) & follow the on screen instructions.

Once the process is complete the localhost is fully configured for speed & ready to use.

We have even loaded Ioncube loaders which allow you to use encrypted themes & plugins.

Setting up WP sites takes just one click using the built in WP installer.

Select any version of WP, enter a name and your done.

Works Just Like a Real Host... Just Much Faster

Sites Work Exactly Like on a Real Server

Easy WP Localhost has been configured to run at maximum speed for any hardware configuration.

We have done all the necessary speed tweaks in PHP & Apache to make Wordpress run fast.

Installing themes and plugins is exactly the same..

Editing your contents is exactly the same...

Updating themes, plugins and WP is exactly the same...

The only difference is... it's faster, and you're not broadcasting your site to the world.

Works With Current / Future / Past WP Versions

Futureproof & Retro Compatible

We all know Wordpress changes versions every minute so it was important to us to allow users to add their own Wordpress versions to the site installer.

This is as easy as downloading the version your require from Wordpress & pasting it into the specified folder.

This allows users of Easy WP Localhost to easily update their own software & install any version current of future.

The installed WP Test Sites will of course auto update just like on a real server.

Exclusive: Rapid 1 Click Site Backup & Restore

1000% Faster Than Any Host...Never Lose or Break a Project Again

One feature that was missing from all localhost solutions was an easy way to backup & restore sites - so we've built it!

Now if you break a project you can restore it in just one click ...

So no more broken sites, no more wasting time time fixing stuff.

Best of all our site backups literally take seconds - unlike a live server where each backup can take hours... and restores can take days...

Test All Your Plugins & Themes At Your Leisure...

Avoid Site Outages Caused By Faulty Themes, Plugins & Updates

With a well configured localhost you can test themes, plugins & updates before you apply these to a live site...

Let's face it, the most risky thing you can do to a working website is to change something...

With a localhost you can replicate your site configuration or even clone a live site to the localhost & test any changes before you apply them live...

No risk, No downtime, No worries.

No Internet Connection? - No Problem...

Works With or Without an Internet Connection... You Can Work Anywhere!

Localhost software will happily work with an internet connection present but doesn't require it.

This allows you to develop projects where there is not internet access.

So localhost are a perfect for developing projects on the move.

This is ideal for users with slow or poor internet connections - users can build their sites off line then upload their sites when they have good internet access

Easy WP Localhost vs Others

Product Features
Easy WP Localhost
Super Easy Install

Application takes seconds to install
Push Button Wordpress Installation

Simple 1 click test site setup, just fill in details
1 Click Project Backup & Restore

Unlimited site backups & easy project restores
Works with Popular Cloning Plugins

Duplicator, WP Clone, Back WP Up
Super Simple User Interface

Very simple to use & setup
Easy Install All 3.x & 4.x Wordpress Versions

Select current & past WP versions from dropdown
Works Just Like a Real Host

Runs real versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP (AMP Stack)
PC Software

Runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
MAC Software

Runs on OSX 8, 9, 10 & 11
Ioncube Ready

Runs Ioncube encrypted Themes, Plugins out of the box
12 Month Support

Get 12 Months Helpdesk Support
Easily Create Unlimited Wordpress Sites

Create unlimited WP test sites

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  • Works on PC & MAC
  • Easiest Ever User Interface
  • 1 Click WP Install
  • 1 Click Site Backup & Restore
  • For WP 3.x & 4.x
  • Easy To Update
  • 12 Month Support & Updates
  • Full Training Videos

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QIs It future proof for new WP versions?
YES - You can easily upload newer versions of Wordpress into a specified folder & of course each installation will update just like on a real server.
Q What Antivirus is Recommended?
We currently recommend Kaspersky Antivirus as it has the lowest false positive rate & best detection - you may need to whitelist Easy WP Localhost with other AV software.
Q Is Real Hosting Software Used?
YES - 100% authentic versions of Apache, MySQL & PHP are used in Easy WP Localhost. It operates exactly like a real host using the XAMPP stack as a reliable base.
Q Can I use this for client sites?
YES - The unlimited version is built for developers & comes with full developer rights... you can use this version for both personal & client sites
Q Will my themes/plugins update normally?
YES - the software will update normally - just like on a real server.
Q Can other people see my sites?
NO - Localhost sites are only visible by you. They sit on a network range that is visible by the public.
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