How To Avoid Autoresponder Bans & Blacklists Whilst Boosting Profits & Opens

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How Dead & Fake Emails Get Your Account Banned

Unfortunately for us email marketers, many AutoResponders will simply ban problem customers for having a few too many old subscribers on their lists.

They do this because, high bounce rates cost them both money and time. And they'd much rather cut back on their costs than help out marketers like you and me!

What this means is, if you're an email marketer and you're not regularly cleaning your list, you're at risk of being banned sooner or later.

If you're not regularly cleaning your email lists, it's just a matter of time...

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Merging, Subtracting & Removing Duplicates Is A Nightmare...

For email marketers, maintaining several email lists is a must.

It allows you to more precisely target your emails to your most interested subscribers, rather than just blasting out and hoping for the best.

The trouble is, whenever you need to manage these lists by merging or subtracting.. it's a nightmare!

You can burn through hours trying to do it by hand, because for most email marketers, there simply hasn't been any other way to do it.

...Do It The Easy Way With List Abacus

Managing, merging and creating powerful tarted lists has never been easier than it is with List Abacus.

What once took hours of pain staking, tedious sorting can be achieved in seconds with List Abacus' simple, yet powerful interface.

  • Create Powerful Targeted Lists
  • Merge & Deduplicate In Seconds
  • Subtract Lists In 2 Clicks
  • Auto-detects Different List Formats
  • Works On Windows + Mac

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